Chingford decorator

Chingford decorator.

Chingford Decorating has over 10 years experience in the domestic and light commercial painting and decorating trade. Chingford Decorating prides itself on listening to the customer and giving the customer the correct information about the job and it’s requirements.Chingford Decorating is based in Walthamstow.

chingford decorator


Chingford Decorating provides a professional, quality and friendly painting and decorating service. With over 10 years experience in the decorating business there isn’t much we haven’t worked on. When Chingford Decorating gives a quote we don’t just state a price we firstly discuss with the customer their requirements and then we make a plan of action and then discuss this with the customer and if everything is agreeable we will give a quote and a starting date. When the work is near completion we will ask the customer to have a look around the work that has been carried out and if all is satisfactory we will sign the work off when any issues have been addressed. An Chingford Decorating receipt also provides guarantee. Chingford Decorating may on occasion use another trade to further the work and if they are supplied by Chingford Decorating we will guarantee their work too.

Chingford Decorating pride themselves on giving great service and a quality finish to all their jobs whether a full restoration project or just painting a door. Chingford Decorating will provide before and after photos for landlords so when a tenant has moved out the landlord can see what requires attention and charge the tenant accordingly, we find this service to be very helpful when there may be a dispute about the condition of a property. All work is guaranteed.
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