Wanstead Handyman

Welcome Handymanjoe wanstead handyman site, Are you too busy to do it yourself ?

Do you value your free time ?

Do you want a professional job at the right price ?

I can help with most of your home, office or workplace repairs or improvements. There’s always something that needs doing and Handyjoe can do it.

I take care of basic plumbing, electrical and decorating repairs, hanging, fixing, fitting, moving, and assembling.

You will be surprised how quickly Handymanjoe Wanstead can do it, I do it all.

Handymanjoe wanstead handyman service is different from a home improvement service, because I perform small jobs that bigger contractors and trade professionals don’t have time to do.

Often it would be too expensive to call a plasterer to repair a small hole in a wall, any job too small for a home improvement specialist is good for a Handy Man.

From minor repairs to small home improvements.

Hiring Handymanjoe wanstead handyman is just what the doctor ordered for the time starved family, elderly and those who just don’t fancy tackling a job around the home or workplace.

And I Live Local … All Wanstead Area covered.
Imagine all your odd-jobs done, hire a good quality handyman today – Book me to do your home repairs and maintenance
What do I do?
Well, just about anything you’d expect a handyman to do. Household repairs, putting up shelves, building and fitting flatpack furniture, painting, tiling, small plumbing and electrical jobs, (where allowed), general carpentry, etc. etc. I can also help with technology, so if you want to set up a home computer network or need a a hand installing your new killer Home Theatre system then please contact me.

What I Charge
I try to keep it as simple and as fair as possible. I charge a flat rate of £40 for the first hour then £25 per hour or part after that. Any materials required, then you can either buy them in advance, (if you need help, call me), or I’ll buy them, give you the receipts, and add the sum to my bill. Obviously, if it’s just a few bits I have in my tool bag anyway like screws or rawlplugs, then you’ll probably get them for free!

All jobs will be invoiced, but new customers will have to pay at the end of the job for small jobs and the invoice will be forwarded later by email. but for bigger jobs, i will take half the money up front, and the ballance and the end of the job

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