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You are responsible for our parking at all times at your place when we come to do the quote and when the job is being done.

you must provide parking vouchers for our time there.

if it is pay and display, you pay for the parking.

if you can’t agree to this, then please don’t call us.


If you agree to provide Materials for the job at the beginning, then you are responsible to provide all the Materials needed on time at all times.

If you agree to let us purchase the Materials, then we will add 15% on top to cover our cost and efforts.



I can’t message you on Whatsapp, do you have an alternative?

Am no longer using Whatsapp, but you can reach me on Signal messaging App



I can’t seem to get through to Handymanjoe service, what can i do?

It’s highly possible you’ve been blocked from using Handymanjoe service because you’ve abused the service or the staff, or you could just be calling at a time outside opening times, reception issues or other.



What are your policies on covid?

Handymanjoe representatives and client’s householdĀ  must ware musk at all times while visiting your premises and while work is being carried out, room where work is being carried out in must be ventilated during this time, we do our bit to protect you, so we expect you to protect us, we think it’s fair. if you are not comfortable with this, then please call some other company.